Jalapeno Sauce

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We found connoisseurs often complain about the unavailability of fresh jalapeno and thus, came up with the Modern Food Products Jalapeno Sauce. It’s a thick green-colored tangy sauce. It contains no preservatives and is composed of 100% natural ingredients only.

The Modern Food Products Jalapeno Sauce ingredient list includes jalapenos, chilli pulp, vinegar, acetic acid and water. A bunch of spices are also added in the Jalapeno Sauce to make it a lip-smacking one. This can be used as salad dressing, pizza topping, in cocktails, pickles, marinade, dressing, topping and dip.

Modern Food Products Jalapeno Sauce is available in different sized packaging and has an extensive shelf life. Continue using it without the worry of getting stale or smelly.

The Jalapeno Sauce is available in Middle Eastern markets, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom (UK) and Malaysia in micro quantity and bulk order as well. Modern Food Products is a private labelling food processing company offering a wide range of condiments, pickles and sauces.

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