Thai chilli Sauce

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Transform the taste and feel of your any and every recipe with a dash of the Modern Food Products Thai Chilli Sauce. While freshness of chilli dominates the sauce, there is an equal presence of tanginess, sweetness and saltiness. The Thai Chilli sauce contains an enriched combination of fresh vegetables in a smooth texture and bright color.

Garnishing your recipes with the Modern Food Products Thai Chilli Sauce or adding a spoonful of it to your homemade food items – the outcome is impressive every time. The sauce is accented with an authentic Thai flavor that enriches the taste of food. Irrespective of the kind of cuisine you are eating, this Thai Chilli Sauce makes a delightful combo as a dip, marination, condiment and accompaniment. The Thai Chilli sauce is an internationally popular sauce tailored for a diverse range of applications. Connoisseurs have licked their fingers clean when trying our Thai Chilli sauce. Try it and thank us later.

Modern Food Products Thai Chilli Sauce is available in different sizes, packaging and price. Choose as you need.

Modern Food Products – a food processing company from Vadodara, Gujarat with a diverse product line also exports food products to Middle Eastern markets, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom (UK) and Malaysia.

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