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Hot Sauce

Popularly known as red chilli hot peppers sauce, it is made of the best quality chillies and can be used to perk up your salads, gravies, dips and the likes.


One of the most exotic Arabic pickles, this is often made using finest quality mango slices dipped in mustard and vinegar and works as the perfect, accompaniment with breads, meat and rice


We are listed as the most amidst the Red Chili Mash Exporter in India. It is made in India to authentic recipes using


The use of vinegar to flavour food is centuries old. It has also been used as a medicine, a corrosive


Made from red chillies sourced from some of the best farms, through our authentic recipes, makes this the choice of culinary experts, as an ingredient for hot sauce.

Jalapeno Sauce

Made from fresh green chili pulp, spices and condiments and natural preservatives, our excellent packaging methods ensure that your favourite spicy sauce remains exactly that for a long, long time.

Rose Water

There is a long tradition of rose water being used as medicine in different parts of the Middle East, it enhances and gives good taste in all cuisines.

Amba Sauce

Amba is commonly served with seafood, falafel, shawarma, and the very popular sabich sandwich.

Thai chilli Sauce

A great Combination of Red Chilli and garlic delivering a unique taste to your dish Sweet Chilli Sauce gives an exotic flavour to Chips, grilled meat and vegetables.

Barbecue Sauce

Also Known as BBQ sauce, used as a flavouring sauce, Our classic Barbecue sauce is made from various concoction of spices.

Chilli Garlic Sauce

A spicy, aromatic and flavoursome unity of ripened chillies and garlic is an explosive in all cuisines like chicken, seafood, and an extensive variety of Italian and other ethnic specialities.

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